Why should I sell my gold, silver / jewelry to Diamond Jim’s?

We pay top dollar for your gold, silver, and jewelry. We’re a no pressure, no hassle, friendly jewelry store. We’ve been in the jewelry business for decades unlike some of the other so called “gold buyers” out there. We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned hospitality. We’re honest and fair. Come to Diamond Jim’s and experience the difference. We have a reputation for paying the most for gold and for having superior customer service!

How can I tell if my items are gold?

On gold pieces, look for Karat markings. Any one of these indicates that your jewelry is gold:

For 8 Karat you will see 375 – this is used primarily in items from England and Mexico

For 10 karat you will see: 10k, 10kt, or 417

For 14 karat you will see: 14k, 14kt, or 585

For 18 karat you will see: 18k, 18kt, or 750

For 22 karat you will see .917

For 24 karat you will see 999.9, 999 or 99

For Platinum you will see: 900PT, Platinum, 950PT or 10%IR

For Silver you will see: STERLING, 800, 600, 925, 999.9 or SILVER

What if I’m still not sure if my jewelry is real gold?

Come in to either of our stores in Phoenix or Sun City and let one of our friendly staff evaluate your item(s). We’re happy to help whether it’s gold or not!

What if I can’t come to your store?

If you’re in the Phoenix/Scottsdale or Sun City areas, we can come to you.  Request an appointment here and we’ll meet at your convenience or call our offices at 602.466.1772.

Why should I sell my gold and unwanted jewelry now?

The price of gold is at an all time high. Gold prices fluctuate daily and prices can drop again. If you need cash now and have unwanted items this may be the best time to sell.

How do I know whom I can trust and where to sell my gold?

This is a question we’re often asked. Our simple answer is make sure your find a reputable dealer like Diamond Jim.  He has been recommended by many and we would like YOU to be our next satisfied client. Click here to read more of our tips on selling gold, gold jewelry, etc.

I have several pieces of jewelry that need repaired. Does Diamond Jim’s repair jewelry?

Yes!  We are a professional jewelry repair, full service jewelry store.  Diamond Jim’s specialize in ring resizing, watch repair, fine jewelry repair, clasp repair, and more.  We’ll even clean your ring for free!

I lost the diamond out of my ring.  Can it be replaced?

Yes!  Diamond Jim is a IJO Jeweler and a diamond broker.   We can replace your diamond and can even buy a diamond to your specific size and budget requirements.  We can get you the best diamond for the best value.