Diamond Jim’s jewelry repair service is number one in Phoenix and  Sun City.  Diamond Jim’s is one of the few jewelry stores that still employs an on-site goldsmith that will complete your jewelry repair on site.  Many other jewelers take your valuables for repair and then mail them to a location across the state for another person or center to do the repair.  Do you really want your precious valuables being shipped across the state or country for repair where they could be lost?

Whatever jewelry repair service you require – a broken clasp or chain, a watch that has stopped working, or a ring that needs resized, you want the repair done right and done quickly! At Diamond Jim’s we’re here to repair and restore your valuable to their original beauty and get it back to you quickly.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your precious items are kept in-house instead of being sent to multiple locations across the state.

Both Diamond Jim’s Phoenix and Diamond Jim’s Sun City locations also offer jewelry cleaning services that will give your old jewelry a new lease on life!

Ring Resizing – Point to Consider

One of the most frequent tasks a goldsmith is commissioned with is resizing a ring.  There are two ways this can be accomplished and one of these ways is far better than the other.  The easiest and least expensive way to do it, is to simply stretch the metal. This method is often used by jewelers who draw customers in with outrageously low prices.  While this can work if the ring only needs a very tiny size adjustment, in most cases, it will cause your ring to lose some of it’s strength and integrity.   Then you’ll be faced with more problems or possible loss of your ring if the metal in your ring becomes too thin.

The optimal way to size the ring is to add metal to the ring.  What our highly experienced Diamond Jim’s goldsmith will do is cut the ring and then add gold sizing stock to increase the band size.   Then, using the proper solder and temperature for the torch, new gold is added and the ring is polished and buffed.   After soldering it back together, there should be no evidence that the ring repair was ever done!  If the solder is incorrect or the temperature too hot, the repaired area may be weak and appear to look spongy under magnification.

At Diamond Jim’s our many years of experience ensure that your valuables will be repaired properly and treated gently.


$5 off any repair over $20

There is no substitute for experience!

If your jewelry repair is handled by the wrong company or person, your valuables can be permanently ruined. An experienced jeweler will make sure your stones won’t be damaged or loosened by work on your ring or other jewelry. With 25 years of work on a jeweler’s bench, Diamond Jim’s is uniquely qualified to do all your jewelry repair work safely and with excellence. Each piece of jewelry we work on is insured up to $25,000 against loss or damage. Fortunately, with the extreme care we take, we have never had occasion to use this coverage.  Visit our Phoenix or Sun City locations and try our jewelry repair service. You will find Diamond Jim’s to be friendly, knowledgeable and fairly priced!

Diamond Jim’s jewelry repair services include:

  • Fine jewelry repair
  • Ring resizing – wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings
  • Jewelry steam cleaning and polishing
  • Watch repair
  • Necklace and bracelet clasp repair
  • Pearl restringing
  • And more…